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The bio-current rectifier "CS60" incorporates a special semiconductor circuit
It is a health treatment instrument. Adjusts the body's bioelectric current and wastes in the body
It breaks down and activates cells.

There are about 60 trillion human cells,
Hundreds to thousands of cells in one cell, on average 300 to 400
Mitochondria are present, accounting for 10% of the body weight.
If the mitochondria inside the cell are producing energy and operating normally, a healthy body can be sustained,
If the number decreases, the movement will be worse and you will feel old age or upset.

Mitochondria in the cell react hydrogen and oxygen
※ ATP rotates and generates electricity, but stress of work, disorder of lifestyle
As a result, stable oxygen is decomposed and runaway.
This is called "active oxygen" which is said to be the cause of upset condition and aging
It damages mitochondria inside cells.
Damaged mitochondria are killed in cells and energy production is reduced leading to aging.

This bio-current rectifier "CS60" is a device that has a special semiconductor that activates cells and is generally not yet in circulation, so-called, a mysterious device engulfed in mystery,
All those who received the treatment are surprised at the change of their own body.

※ ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is a substance that stores the energy that exists in the cells of all plants, animals and microorganisms.

Characteristics of "CS60"

  • Treatment is possible from clothes and towel, on a blanket.

  • Pain in the area of the body can be felt.

  • It pulls out static electricity and stray current that hides inside the body.

  • Recovery of cells oxidized with reactive oxygen species. Discharge waste products.

  • Dissembled extracorporeal release of clots that hide inside the body and stiffen the body.

  • Extracorporeal release of drugs, supplements and food additives that do not dissolve into cells.

  • "CS60" makes 60 trillion cells naturally smooth,

  • It is a name given from Cell Smooth 60trillion.

Effects of "CS60"

"CS60" works directly on the mitochondria in the cell to activate it, which not only alleviates various symptoms such as chronic shoulder stiffness, pain, and shibyle, but also improves the basal metabolism,
Immune power up, natural healing power up, anti-aging, diet effect, beauty effect etc. It is a health treatment instrument which bears an unprecedented revolutionary medical care in the near future.

Main improvement cases in "CS60"

Stiff neck, back pain, knee pain, edema, muscle fatigue, beautiful face, spinal canal stenosis, interstitial pneumonia, asthma, fifty shoulders, neck to fingertip, shibile, hip to foot, shibire, rheumatism, gout, atopic skin Inflammation, empyema, migraine, depression, severe back, muscle atrophy, hypothermia, cerebral infarcted rehabilitation, glaucoma, baseball elbow, tennis elbow, spontaneous deafness, aftereffects of fracture rehabilitation, tendonitis, spring finger, allergy Symptoms · muscle atrophy · general fatigue · side effects due to drugs · side effects due to anticancer drugs · side effects due to anticancer drugs · varicose veins · correction of the X leg · correction of the O leg · correction of valgus-Parkinson's disease · Alzheimer's symptoms · slimming · facial spasms ・ Language disorder ・ etc


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