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Meeting with CS60 founder Nishimura

He told us the future to go.

Protect the human dignity, it can be a Rudake many people

I want to fulfill my wonderful life until the last moment of my life. In the elderly who are increasing in Japan and in everyday life

I want people who feel sick to stay healthy without relying only on drugs.

And I want to replenish many in need in the world.

I agree with his intention and through this CS60

We also want to help with a little power,

I'm doing CS60 in my favorite town "Chigasaki".

There are many people who come from athletes aiming to improve their performance, to those who want to improve their daily QOL, and those who want to improve their physical illness .

And from now on, also to people of the world this CS60

I want you to know and I will be working in the future. While using "Chigasaki" as the base of activity, we will also send CS60 to the world.


松本 純 Jun Matsumoto




1-2-4-3F Tomoe-cho Chigasaki-shi

Kanagawa,JAPAN 253-0056



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